Stand Air. The submersible pump stand solution. Maintaining and lifting your pump has never been made easier. Promotes longer filter life. Controls water intake depth. Assures your pump is always verticle. Promotes longer submersible pump life.


The Stand Air Pump System has many unique features that a typical pump system does not have. It has an adjustable chain system that controls the depth of the pump and a pressure-indicator gauge that makes sure the pump is always vertical.

The pump's vertical position is controlled by air pressure. An air bladder and gauge show the amount of air pressure necessary to keep the pump upright. The air pump gauge and shut-off valve system are in a control box. This control box lets you monitor the pump position and raise the pump when servicing is needed.

A housing with inlets for water intake protects the pump. The entire system is attached to an anchor housing with an adjustable cable for variable water depths. With the Stand Air Pump System, the depth of the pump ensures quality water intake, which will make your pump and filters last longer.


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